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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

One of the worst Christmas.
This years Christmas isn't the worst where you can't imagine.
But still bad enough considered that it consists of a chain of unfortunate events. 

Firstly on Christmas eve, I had to forget my phone in Bryan's car as he dropped me off at my car. 
But I would agree that I was a little too exited to leave a message on Ipin's car. (My current employer)
As his car was park before mine...

And then I was poorly dressed for Christmas vigil. Like OMG! 
I went to mass with my work clothes on and flip flops . Not to mention my messy hair..
If I were a fashionista. 
That would be my first rule NOT to be broken by wearing items that make you look less fabulous... 
Hahaha. (In my dreams I can look fabulous)

And so the worst case scenario begins.... 
Where my mom starts to get mad at me for not sitting with her in mass.
Like WTF right? 
And she just told me to find my own way home just because I showed her 'face'...

Here's the best part. I haven't got back my phone from Bryan so I had to walk the whole effin' way to Bryan's house which took me 45 minutes on foot just to get back my phone.

Maybe I was too pent up on anger and sadness on the way to Bryan's house as I broke into tears as soon as I started telling him what happened.
And with that I called Tricia over to fetch me home as I really needed a girl to listen instead of having a guy listen and panic over a wailing maiden. (Which is me) 

And thankfully Tricia shared a little stories of herself with me which helped me calmed down. 
Really though. THANK YOU TRICIA! I couldn't have ask for more!
And again sorry for making you come out all the way during 1am just to listen to me wail and complain...

After reaching home. First thing my mom had to do was scream at me and shit...
And I'm like "Wtf is your problem woman. I just effin' got home!"
Of course I didn't have the balls to say that in her face...
Either way, we had a long talk with me just spouting whatever nonsense without filtering, which I'm sure it made her sad.
Thing is, I couldn't feel a pang of guilt as other people always told me.

Made me thinking, am I more selfish than people say? Do I love myself and myself only?
Maybe it's true or I still don't know what love is...

Either way, I am sorry to my mom a little for having to face my grumpiness. 
But sometimes I don't know why. I just want people to let me be and follow my way all the time...
As my mom said that I feel that the whole world owes me. But that is of course not true.
Maybe I just have the potential to be a grumpy old woman when I grow up.. 

Meh. Enough ranting. Have to wake up for work tomorrow morning. *yawns*

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