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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Summary: Back-to-college May and Lifeless June :o
So my intern-ship ended in the mid of last April and here we are in May.. :/ Well, I wanted a new 'fresh start' kononnya and bought a hair straightening thing in April and fulfilled my appointment.

Here I am in the hair salon waiting for my turn :D

On the same day, I went to Fsh & Co. in Subang Parade to have a nice lunch with my ex-intern-ship mentor Kak Hana and Mr. Farezul :)
Which happens to be another Groupon my itchy hand bought during intern-ship..

After that day of heavy lunch then came 5th of May 2013 where positions after election is announced. Our BEC planned a BBQ session to gossip about politics. Well, let the adults be in charge of that :P Lolx.

Here's the fancy BBQ grill in my Godpa's house.

After a few days of heavy food I decided to eat healthy with the menu above... 
Sadly it didn't last for a week till I gave up :( ARGH!
I guess diet and me doesn't go well with each other too...

Then came a day in Mid May, Sam was bored and finding for fun plus she was passing by Puchong... I invited her to have a drink with me which ended up in Sector 7, Setia Walk. 

Behold the Strawberry Margarita Shots.
Which is not one of my favourites because of the taste..

Then came news in JUNE that Ivan was leaving to Singapore for his intern-ship in this fancy hotel in Singapore. I was like WOOOWW.. My Aunty used to be there :P And a gathering was made for him before he went ^^

This was one day in mamak with Samantha, Tiffany, Tricia, Bryan, Me, Sarah, Alex (who went to UK by now),
Shamier, Benjamin (who's in USA right now) and Haziq.
And that's Ivan in the centre left. Hahaha.
Can't believe so many of my classmates is now overseas :(

Few days later we did another small gathering in conjunction with Ivan's b'day in this cute pork place which I don't really remember :P 
It was Me, Jason, Tiffany, Ivan, Bryan and Meng that night :3
And that was a home made cake by Tiffany :D

And there goes my May and June :O Looking back, it really seemed as if I didn't have anything much to do. Oh well... What to do. I guess I'm too lazy to socialize unless some asks me to. Hehehe.

p.s this post took faster than I expected due to the small amount of information I remembered. Hehe. kthxbai

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