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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Summary: My Birthday month & April :3
Continuation after my first 2 months ;)

Here comes MARCH! And with Meng, Izzat, Tiffany and Samantha... WE!

Guess whose birthday is on 2nd March :3 
A difference of 20 days. An elder brother and also a good friend.
Same age but I still feel that he will and would be always wiser :)
Bryan Chua Mun Chun... A great part of my life!

He's always there for us 'Chualie Angels'
Proud of him and also sad that I didn't put much effort to keep the friendship healthy... Hahaha!
Either way! He's always up for a dorky #selfie anytime of the day with us!
Though we did call Tricia and Sarah to tease them about that night. Lolx.

After that awesome dinner at Uncle Jang's with my high school gang it was time to go home for a good sleep for my next date on my off day with my dear classmate of 2 years Sam ^^

We always had one thing in common no matter what. 
That is our love for Sashimi :)
So we went to Hokkaido Sushi in One Utama for a good Sashimi fest!

After that fulfilling day, it was again time for work. Which shockingly had an unexpected turn of events.

If there is a fire truck, there could only mean one thing. FIRE FIRE FIRE!?
Which made things worst that it was only one floor below ours.
Talk about danger at work and why the importance of insurance @.@
Apparently, the cause of the mini blaze was due to people smoking at the stairway and they had too many cardboards in the area... Careless and messy much?

Putting that aside, my cousin, Jazz, from USA came back to Malaysia for the traditional family gathering dinner for her wedding with her ABC (American Born Chinese) husband. And she was awesome enough to get me MARC JACOBS perfume 'DOT' which is shaped resembling a ladybug and also my favourite Dark Chocolate as I was on a 'diet'...

Jazz with her newly wed hubby :) And right is the present she bought me! 
Which I was highly satisfied with. Hahaha!

Sadly only my dad and mum could attend the wedding as I had to take care of my mom's shop in her absence...
But I was happy enough that my aunty from Hong Kong who stayed with us during the duration of my cousin in Malaysia, was kind enough to put up with me to have a game of Mahjong, including my mum.

My Aunty Kelly from Hong Kong who was kind enough to convince mum to play 3-person-Mahjong with me.

Since we're talking in the month of March... Let's not forget it's my birthday month. I was lucky enough that my birthday fell on Friday which is suitable for a night out ;) And my boyfriend and a few friends was kind enough to attend a session in Beer Factory...

Thanks Kak Hana for getting me a GUESS purse on that day! Such a surprise!
We went to RAKUZEN for my Birthday Lunch :3 

My Birthday Tiramisu flavoured SHOTS cake for my birthday.
Me and my #duckface. Hahaha!

Then came the last day of March...

My boyfriend and I went to Cheras to meet up with some of my local friends. 
And they brought us to the infamous Cheras Night Market.
Look at those awesome food we bought and shared!
For just around RM70... Kinda worth it I guess.

I was lucky enough to get a Rilakkuma phone cover which I was longing for a few months for a cheap price!
Thanks to my girlfriends that night ;) CHEERS!


Now imagine that few days after my birthday in March, I was lucky enough to find another Rilakkuma piggy bank on SALE at RM5! Praise the lord for cute things! Hehehe..

My Cute Rilakkuma darling piggy bank which had the same colour as my nails on that day...

Then came the date 12th APRIL 2013...

Sam Yuen Kei and I celebrated our 2 years anniversary by announcing it on Instagram.
She was the first one I spoke to during Orientation and was shocked that we were in the same course and class.
And nobody could beat her love for Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom.
For the whole 2 years memories was made and our boyfriends was good friends. 
Everything was like a dream to me.
After graduating, seeing her going around in places actually made me jealous and I can't wait to plan an outing!

This just some random #selfie because I found the 'Big White Rabbit' sweet which every 1990's kid would know...

16th APRIL 2013. A sad day to be commemorated in Boston USA.

Another tragedy in the USA. A bombing in Boston during a marathon. 
God bless the deceased. R.I.P

An outing with mom. And an attempt for 'cool' fashion. Which I think failed horribly...

There were other incidents in March and April as well. But poor me and memories do not go together. So this is all I could muster up after 2 hours of pondering. Well, good night everyone :)

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