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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Summary: The first TWO months.
So it's already DECEMBER of 2013, and I feel that it is that time of the year to look back and reflect what I have did the whole year...

After a whole year not touching this blog and also the fact of seeing my friends leaving one by one to pursue their dreams...(or just laze at home or find a part time job), it has dawn upon me that I have been much updating Instagram most of my memories and non to my blog as compared to 2012.

And therefore I have chosen to upload some photos right here to relive my moment and also jot down a part of my memory which I have achieve regardless whether it is being read or not. Although not completed but I have tried my best with my short termed memory.

Join me as I rewind my memory all the way back to January 2013...

I wanted to start the year 'healthy' by going to the gym with to of my babes who wanted to borrow my house gym... 

Sadly, both of them are really tall which made me reluctant to take many photos. Hahaha.

Then, on 3rd January I joined Nippon Express(M) Sdn Bhd as an intern. Which is a Japanese Logistics company based in Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to meet a very kind and dear sister, who I affectionately refer as Kak Hana(meaning Flower in Japanese) who took care of me throughout my intern-ship and taught me many useful tips for future working life. Showered me with love and care and mainly FOOD :D

Oh! Look! One of the food that my dear Kak Hana recommended which tasted awesome for Malaysian local cuisine ;) 
Which luckily did cost less than RM 5 in Subang Jaya just outside Wisma Consplant in a Orange-Red Proton Persona during Lunch Time.

What I thought was formal to wear to work during my intern-ship. Hahaha! 

At the end of January of 2013, my dad was actually ready and updated enough to get a iphone5 for himself at last.
His first touch screen phone and of another brand. (Worthy of a picture memory) 
Just because my dad used to be a die hard Nokia fan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my first FORMAL pay check in MY LIFE!
Which I thank Maybank for processing it in a day ;)

In February 2013 :D

KBU senior Eleena went to Australia to further her studies and drop by home Malaysia in the beginning of the year for her summer holidays... 
We went and grabbed some Paddington pancakes for dinner.

And also a bucket in Laundry Bar, The Curve...

Then came the First Sunday of the week.

We were in charged of Cafeteria Day in church and my parents decided to do Taiwanese pancakes which is really a pain in the a**. Why I said that? Too much trouble to cook and prepare, plus it was SUPER oily @.@

But I was smart enough to sneak out and find some cheap secondhand items which was AWESOME!
Check out this cheongsam I got for Chinese New Year and only for RM10!

Since it was near Chinese New Year, I decided to make a surprise to my co-workers.

A traditional Yee Sang dish where you toss the dish above to bring in more wealth, to those that don't know is that the higher you toss this dish with your chopsticks, the more wealth you'll bring in for that year :)
And this is brought to you by my mothers shop, Hakka Siu Poon Choy Restaurant based in Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, you can't miss out cards and visitations to other peoples house! So for me I went to Samantha's house because it's near? Hahaha! And a friend of 8 years ;)

The people that was there. Arif, Afiq, Ryan, Izzat, Imran, Haziq, Ismail and Bryan.
If you noticed closely to the names I typed, the only Indian was Ryan and the only Chinese were Bryan, Samantha (the host) and me. And 6 Malays. Talk about 1Malaysia eh? ;) 

And with Chinese New year you can never miss out poker cards... But lookie here! Bryan and me was lucky enough to get the above shown cards! Can you believe this? Talk about fated! THE EXACT SAME PAIRS. We were playing 'Dai D' which you can ask any Chinese friends :P
The upper pair is Bryans while the lower pair is mine. Showing that I will overpower him either way :)

After the visit I decided to drop by One Utama just to get some stuff, which led me to this aspiring found!


Well! That's ALL for January and February. I think :P Update the rest when I'm sane. Hahaha!

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